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Hi there!

I have been writing erotica and specialising in CFNM for some time. CFNM or Clothed Female Naked Male is my favourite! My erotic stories are explicit, and when I say explict, I mean hardcore porn, definitely X-rated or R-rated, and I go into every detail for your pleasure (and mine)! My stories have elements of spanking, bondage, pegging, domination, submission, lesbianism, straight sex, oral sex, anal sex, group sex, humiliation and so much more. Whatever turns you on you will probably find somewhere in one of my erotic books, both erotic novels and erotic short stories.

I was sick of reading ebooks that didn't 'do it' for me, and I am sure that you feel the same. So, I plunged into my experiances and into my fantasies to create erotica that you can enjoy. Actually, if there are any particular fantasies you think might make a good story, email me and if I agree and write the story, I will give you a free copy (and if you want, an acknowledgement in the book itself).

New! CFNM: Overload - Collection #1

A great value collection of 5 of my super hot explicit CFNM stories.

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New! CFNM short

CFNM Hen Night

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New! Cum Shots erotica series

Cum Shot #5: Double Penetration

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